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About Guitar Scale Assistant

Guitar Scale Assistant is a free open source java based guitar scale application available under the GNU General Public Liscense (GPL). The primary purpose of this application is to provide assistance to guitarists of all levels for quickly finding scales and modes through pattern searches. Some of the main features available in GSA allow the user to:

  • Find scales by matching chords, notes, or sequences through a clickable fretboard
  • Search scales by full or partial names
  • Create, save, and easily distribute new scales
  • View scales or chords in alternate tunings
  • Listen to scales individually or over chords

GSA comes with an ever-growing (currently over 600) list of searchable/displayable scales. It is extremely easy to import or create and save new scales that are fully searchable and displayable within Guitar Scale Assistant. There are many new features planned for future releases of GSA. If there are any additional features you'd like to see for future versions of this project, or if you would like to help contribute to the application, please get in touch through the SourceForge page. Thanks for checking out Guitar Scale Assistant!